Cancer-fighting foods: eating to prevent cancer
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Nutrition and fight against cancer


 - Nutrition and fight against cancer
If you already have cancer, can you actively fight it by changing your diet?
Prevention remains the priority. It's therefore crucial that those who have cancer follow the treatment prescribed to them to the letter. Having said that, there are several advantages to eating well if you do already have cancer: to help your immune system, fight fatigue, keep spirits up, etc.

In short, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain by eating healthily. we can't exclude the possibility that a combination of foods containing significant quantities of anti-cancer molecules could also have an impact on tumor growth and therefore could slow down their growth.

For those whose cancer is in remission, diet certainly has an impact. The World Cancer Research Fund recommends that people suffering from cancer follow cancer prevention advice.  

Can diet prevent a particular type of cancer?
Diet can help to prevent several types of cancer, although its impact varies from case to case. Nutritional factors are behind almost three quarters of cancers of the digestive system (colorectal or stomach)!

Other types of cancer are also concerned: diet is responsible for up to 50% of liver cancers, 40% of mouth/pharynx and breast cancers, 30% of lung cancers and 15% of prostate cancers.

Why is there still so much contradictory information about the impact of diet on the risks of cancer?
There is consensus among all the main cancer-fighting organizations on this subject. Hundreds of studies have shown that people who eat lots of vegetables have a lower risk of cancer. Everyone is in agreement that, in contrast, poor diet and obesity are greatly linked to the risk of cancer.

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