Cancer-fighting foods: eating to prevent cancer
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Prevention and cancer


Dr Richard Béliveau - Prevention and cancer
Dr Richard Béliveau
Is it possible to prevent cancer from developing?
The majority of the time, yes! Generally speaking, cancer isn't predetermined, only 15% of cases are hereditary. The exception is not the rule(!) and a large percentage of the population could avoid it.

Diet plays a major role in the fight against cancer. 30% of cancers are due to bad diet, that's nearly one in three people! On the same scale, smoking is responsible for 30% of cancers.

Then come a whole series of other factors: professional exposure, obesity and a lack of exercise, infections, alcohol and drugs (5% each), followed by pollution and UV rays (2% each). Cancer can be avoided.

Do our current eating habits and lifestyle really increase the risk of cancer?
It has clearly been established that the main causes of cancer are directly linked to our lifestyles. We don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. Cancer is an attacker that tries to take possession of our bodies. We need to fight against it by creating an anti-inflammatory environment.

Yet, through excessive industrialization and poor diet, we do the opposite to what we should be doing. The genes in our body suffer mutations that are made worse by a combination of negative factors. Instead of creating an environment that's hostile to the development of cancer, we offer it an inflammatory environment, in other words, a favorable one.


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