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Almond milk: description, advantages and disadvantages


© Myriam Gauthier-Moreau / La Plage
© Myriam Gauthier-Moreau / La Plage

Almond milk was one of the first non-dairy milks to be used by cooks. It's the base for blancmange, a dessert which originated in the Middle Ages, and is made of almonds ground in water. You can make it at home if you like. See the recipe for almond milk. It tastes very similar to fresh almonds.

Advantages: its naturally high calcium content, creamy texture and taste.

Disadvantages: its high fat content and its taste makes it better suited for using in sweet dishes.

Recipes that work well with almond milk:
Crème pâtissière (pastry cream)
- Almond-flavored custard

> Caramel and almond milk flan


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