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Buying Peaches


© Margarett Skinner / Aprifel - Buying Peaches
© Margarett Skinner / Aprifel
Peaches are in season from June to September.
A ripe peach should be fragrant, with flesh that gives slightly under finger pressure.  An even, round shape is another sign of maturity, but don’t go by color: some varieties turn a very bright red even before they're ripe.  
It’s a good idea to choose slightly firmer peaches and let them ripen over a few days in your fruit bowl, so that you can eat them over a period of time. They’ll fill the room with a lovely aroma and become juicier if you let them ripen at room temperature rather than in the fridge.  If you buy them ready to eat, however, don’t keep them any longer than two or three days.


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