Facelift | What is a facelift?

 - Facelift | What is a facelift?

aka: face lift, rhytidectomy

What is a facelift?

Removal of excess facial skin from the neck, chin and cheek areas, under general anesthetic.

During a facelift the surgeon may also tighten the underlying muscles and reposition the facial tissue. The scars will be hidden behind your ears or in your hairline and will usually fade over time.

What to expect from a facelift?

Two to three hours of surgery and an overnight stay in hospital. When you wake up, you will feel like an Egyptian Mummy as your face will be tightly wrapped in bandages.

Expect bruising and swelling which will gradually fade. Stitches are removed a week or fortnight later depending on how well you have healed. It will be about a month before you look your best.

Cost of a facelift?

Expect to pay around £7,000 for a good surgeon

Risks and side effects

In a v ery small number of people (approximately 2 per cent) bleeding beneath the skin after a facelift may cause excessive hematoma following a facelift procedure. Numbness is common and lasts for about three months.

Mr Rajiv Grover, notes that there is often temporary hair loss at the hair line, usually in smokers, but this recovers in three to six months.

According to Mr Grover, scars are normally fine and well-hidden but can occasionally thicken requiring treatment. As with all surgical procedures, post op mobility is important, and minimize risks beforehand by avoiding smoking.

Expert opinion

Rajiv Grover, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Secretary of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)

"The old fashioned facelifts which gave the wind tunnel look were mainly due to the fact that only skin was being pulled whereas now the main structure to be tightened is the underlying muscle / fatty layer of the face called the SMAS.

"This gives a much more natural lift without the need to over tighten the skin which previously used to lead to distortion of the mouth (“fishmouth”) or eyes (“oriental look”). The other way I rejuvenate naturally is by paying attention to facial volume which is the first sign of aging.

"Pulling or tightening alone does not restore facial shape. I insist on patients bringing photographs of themselves to the consultation taken 10 and 20 years earlier along with some from youth to see how their face looked before.

"The photographs act as a 'roadmap' to guide the surgical planning so that we rejuvenate and NOT recreate someone totally different!"

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