Two in One: Bigger Breasts From Your Unwanted Fat
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Effects of breast enlargement through fat transfer


 - Effects of breast enlargement through fat transfer
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I spoke to an employee of Sthetix who informed me that breast enlargement procedures are available at a cost of £4,500 and the fat can be taken from "anywhere where you have enough fat". The procedure begins with a consultation which costs £120 but which is then deducted from the cost of surgery if this is undertaken. An email confirmed that this procedure could be carried out now but warned that it is likely to result in an increase of just one cup size. My query about the impact of the surgery on cancer detection was answered with the following admission: "As the fat is taken from which ever region you choose, it is lumpy in texture. This may result in the breast feeling lumpy thus making it harder to feel for lumps or hardened tissue within the breast."

There is a lack of long-term research into the possible effects of breast enlargement through fat transfer. Mel Braham, Chairman of The Harley Medical Group eulogizes: “This is the most exciting breakthrough in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that I have seen over the last two decades. It amounts to two beneficial procedures in one - taking unwanted fat from one or two areas of a patient’s body and transferring it into the breast area." The Group however admits that its own research stretches to just four years. No matter how much we might hanker after pert, symmetrical and perfectly-sized breasts, safety and our own long-term health have to be at the center of our concerns.

There will be discussions on breast enlargement via fat transfer later this week at the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) annual meeting in Cardiff.

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