Are breast implants safe?

What do the experts think of breast implants?


 - What do the experts think of breast implants?

Douglas McGeorge Plastic Surgeon and past president of BAAPS

"Breast implants are very safe, if surgery is carried out properly, by a reputable surgeon using quality implants, As has been proven, PIP implants were not made to the quality standard.

"What occurred with PIP was fraud on a grand scale. "It is very unlikely a PIP scenario will happen again however one can never legislate for individuals; if you as a patient want reassurance about the breast implants your surgeon is using, ask him or her about their choice of breast implants".

Nigel Mercer – Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon & Past President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in 2008 

"The evidence collected over many years from around the World is that breast implants are safe in terms of cancer risk and autoimmune problems, but any operation carries short, medium and long risks and any implant will weaken with time and will not necessarily last a lifetime.

"Ensure you ask the surgeon the right questions about why they use the implant they are recommending for you."

Chris Brotherston- Regulatory Compliance Manager – Nagor 

As far as Breast Implant manufacturers are concerned; I would advise that breast implant safety is assured by designing and manufacturing the implants in accordance with current international breast implants standards and regulations (including the use of appropriate materials) including post marketing surveillance systems.

"Through appropriate design, clinical assessment and post-market scrutiny there is an assurance that breast implants perform as intended."

JJ Staiano - Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

"Many of the problems seen with PIP implants, such as shell rupture and silicone leakage causing lumps in the breast and the armpit, are not seen with the high quality implants used by most plastic surgeons.

"However, breast augmentation is still an operative procedure and should not be undertaken lightly.

"It is important to have a full and frank discussion with a fully trained plastic surgeon to discuss all of the risks and the benefits so that you can come to an informed decision whether it is right for you."

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Antonia Mariconda also known as ’The Cosmedic Coach’ is a health and beauty expert and published author of five books including PIP Breast Implants (Need2Know), regularly featured in the media and Press Antonia is well known as a leader in her field of expertise. Antonia is happy to answer your questions - you can ask her information & advice relating to all things health, beauty and cosmetic surgery at 

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