Anti-aging: Fillers to try before you're thirty

Anti-ageing: Fillers to try before you're thirty


Cosmetic fillers 

To fill or not to fill? Abbey Clancy's skin looks tip top
To fill or not to fill? Abbey Clancy's skin looks tip top

Fillers are often the first foray into the world of injectible anti-aging. Before the age of thirty you may not require any extra help, but if you find your skin is starting to show the signs of aging, fillers can be a good way to top up your 'juice' giving your skin a plump and vital appearance.

They're particularly good if you have frown lines - or deep folds between the nose and mouth. Usually fillers are seen as corrective - they restore youthfulness.

When should I start with fillers and Botox?

When it comes to being 'ready' for fillers and cosmetic injectibles - it's all down to the individual.

Wendy Lewis describes it this way: "There are 2 kinds of anti-aging treatments: Preventative and Corrective. Some injectable therapies like Botox are considered Preventative because of their action to delay the onset of aging.

"I started having fillers in my late thirties when that was still considered too young, but now I see many women starting in their late twenties to stay on top of the aging process.

"Smokers and sun worshipers, in particular, tend to have more dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth from and they may see premature lines and creases in their mid 20s which can be quite alarming.

"Women with fine or delicate skin are also more subject to these early signs of aging. Thicker skin types and more oily skin types may see wrinkles much later."

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are the main magic ingredients when it comes to fillers. and there are plenty of brands to chose from.

Wendy Lewis gives us her low down:

Name of injectable:
Hyaluronic Acid Gels: Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Teosyal or Emervel.

How it is administered: By syringe, usually more than 1 syringe is needed for full 'correction.'

Where it is administered: Facial folds, wrinkles, cheeks, chins, nose, lips, under the eyes.

Results: Your skin will look fuller and wrinkles or deep lines will be smoothed out. Results are dependent on the product - but usually you can expect your fillers to last between 6 - 12 months. Perfect for bi-annual maintenance.

Best for: Works best for facial contouring, shallow creases, folds, lips.

Possible side effects: Swelling, bruising, tenderness.

Recommended UK practice/Dr for this treatment: Dr Rita Rakus

Pros/cons: Pros are that these are safe, well tested fillers and if you are not happy, an enzyme can be injected to break the product down quickly; cons are that these fillers are temporary and additional top up treatments will be needed.

What are the risks when it comes to injectibles? There is always a slight chance of infection and lumps and bumps, but these are rare when administered by an experienced injector.

How much does it cost: Usually fillers cost about £250 but this may vary practice to practice.


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