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Oyster mushroom recipe by Laurent Legat


© Caste
© Caste
Ingredients (Serves 4)
-    1kg oyster mushrooms
-    500g pumpkin
-    80g potatoes
-    500ml chicken stock
-    50g shallots
-    1 bunch of fresh coriander
-    100g ricotta
-    ravioli pasta
-    truffle oil
-    salt and pepper

Cook the pumpkin with the potatoes, shallots and 450ml chicken stock. Blend in a food processor with a dash of oil.

Mix the oyster mushrooms with the chopped shallots. Add the butter then deglaze with 50ml chicken stock. Set aside. 

Take a sheet of the ravioli pasta and stuff it with the mushrooms, ricotta and chopped coriander.

Make sure the soup is warm throughout and add a dash of truffle oil.
Fry two ravioli per person and sprinkle a generous handful of chervil over the top.

Laurent Legat is a chef at Restaurant Ô’40 in Paris. 
© Jacques Bourboulon
© Jacques Bourboulon

"This is a mushroom that I came across in my early days and I find it easy to work with. It's available all year round, it retains its quality and it goes with all sorts of dishes. Despite their neutral smell, oyster mushrooms have a nice soft texture."


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