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This blog is truly a work of art—and it comes as no surprise that it was started by someone with a background in art theory and practice. Tim Mazurek, a Chicago-based academic and food lover, started the curiously named Lottie + Doof in 2009 as a way to better connect to his dinner-party-loving side.

Since then, the blog and recipes have become a social force that gather people around food and stories. It’s articulate, smart, and sensitive. (A sweet parenthesis: the blog gets its name from Lottie, Tim’s grandmother, a graham-cracker loving firecracker and inspiration. There’s a beautiful tribute essay to Lottie on the site—definitely recommended reading.)

In describing his reasons for started the blog, Tim puts it best himself: “I realized that I like a good dinner party better than I like art or politics (if they can be differentiated)...” Amen.

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