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Savory pancake recipe | Savory pancake fillings

Savoury cheese pancakes


Savory cheese pancakes
Savory cheese pancakes
Recipe ingredients:
1.2 kg potatoes
300g Comté, medium cheddar or other medium strength cheese
1 egg
50g flour
1 clove garlic
salt and freshly-ground pepper
chopped parsley
2 tbsp oil
Savory cheese pancakes recipe:
Peel and grate potatoes without washing them and grate the cheese.

Crush garlic and chop parsley.

Mix the potatoes, cheese, flour, garlic and parsley and season.

In a lightly-oiled non-stick pan, make into pancakes (small but thicker than ordinary
pancakes) and cook on a strong heat for around 10-15 minutes.

As soon as the pancakes are nicely browned, turn and cook the other side and serve warm with salad.

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Sarah Horrocks
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