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Savory pancake recipe | Savory pancake fillings

Chicken, mozzerella and spinach pancake


Chicken, Mozzerella and spianch pancake ©Stockbyte
Chicken, Mozzerella and spianch pancake ©Stockbyte
Chicken, mozzerella and spinach pancake

Serves 8

1x batch of basic pancake batter
16x Slices of chicken
1x bag of spinach
200g of buffalo mozzerella

These pancakes are incredible simply! Whip up a batch of basic pancake batter (enough for 8) and cook normally creating a stack (use greaseproof paper to keep them seperated) but allowing them to cool.

Put your pre-cooked pancake back into the frying pan over a low heat
on one side but two slices of chicken and a small handful of spinach.

On the other side break up a small amount of mozzerella and scatter over the pancake.

Leave for a minute so the cheese starts to melt.

Using a spatula, fold the cheese side over the top of the spinach, create another fold in the middle of the half so you have a cone.

Leave for between 30-seconds and 1-minute.

Serve with salad.

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Sarah Horrocks
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