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Savory pancake recipe | Savory pancake fillings


Savory pancake fillings ©Stockbyte - Savory pancake recipe | Savory pancake fillings
Savory pancake fillings ©Stockbyte
Pancakes don't have to be sweet. You can also make incredible meals with a savory pancake recipe too.

And it's not just plain old pancake batter either. Check out each savory pancake recipe in our list for wholemeal and buckwheat pancakes, and other batter-based goodies.

What's more the more unusual pancake mixtures really lend themselves to a savory pancake fillings, so why limit yourself?

You don't even need to make your own pancakes - shop-brought pancakes, bilinis and tortillas can also be used as the basis of a fabulous savory pancake recipe and a filling meal. Don't beat yourself up for cheating once in a while!

Heer at soFem, the diet is going well and truly out of the window and we shall be gorging ourselves on salmon belinis followed by buckwheat pancakes stuffed with ham and cheese. Delicious!

Hand us the frying pan...

Pick your favorite savory pancake recipe and try a savory pancake filling now!

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Sarah Horrocks
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