Romantic recipes to seduce him with
Banana and chocolate spring rolls recipe
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Banana and chocolate spring rolls recipe

Peter Pan - the boy who never grows up: how to spot him

He's not a suit-wearing sort of guy, he avoids drawn-out family gatherings and he does his best to dodge any sort of reponsibility or duty! What he likes in life is making the most of the things he likes, eating what he enjoys eating, and doing what he wants to do.

His job allows him to take things easy, organize his work as he wishes and nibble on sweets all day long.

What feed Peter Pan

How can you attract his attention when he only seems interested in magazine pin-ups or Pro E? You need to be indispensable to him, in other words be his compass and offer him reassurance... starting with the food you dish up for him!

Romantic recipe to seduce him with:
Banana and chocolate spring rolls

These sweet spring rolls can be eaten with fingers by dipping them in a fruit coulis or, even better, in chocolate.

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