Romantic recipes to seduce him with
Mexican burrito recipe
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Mexican burrito recipe

The Geek: how to spot him

His first love was (and possibly still is?!) technology. Put simply, this man is glued to his MP3 player, smartphone, laptop, games console... from dusk 'til dawn. His mouse is like a third hand to him and he always has a solution if you're having trouble with your own gadgets.

He can be emotional at times (he shed a tear when his last hard drive gave up the ghost) but the incomprehensible words that come out of his mouth frequently give you the impression that he's talking a foreign language: RSS feeds, operating system, kernels, configuration, etc. He does try to explain but you usually switch off...

What to feed the Geek

Adorable as he is, you don't see things the same way when it comes to food: he survives on ready meals and fast, practical solutions which don't require too much input from him. No problem, you're the one who's cooking this time and the computer will be fighting for his attention once he's tasted what you've cooked up for him!

Romantic recipe to seduce him with:
Mexican burritos

A dish he can eat in front of the computer while configuring the latest version of that thingamajig!

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