Romantic recipes to seduce him with
Home-made hamburger recipe
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Home-made hamburger recipe

The man who likes nothing: how to spot him

Vegetables? He doesn't like them. Fruits? He only likes bananas. Meat? He'll eat it but it has to be cooked in a certain way, and definitely no lamb or duck. Cheese? Only if it's not too strong...

It would be an understatement to say he's a diffcult one to feed! It's a shame because you like eating pretty much anything and you'd like him to like both you and your favorite dishes.

What to feed the man who likes nothing

To feed him and give him a taste for other types of food, you'll need a plan of attack:

1/ Write up a list of all the things he eats (yes, he eats every day so although he says he doesn't like anything, he's surviviing on something)

2/ Start by coaxing him with sweet dishes (unless he swears by chips and sausages only and shows no interest whatsover in the cakes in the bakery window)

3/ Make him want to try things out... he'll not be able to resist when he sees how much enjoyment you're getting from tucking into your culinary creations.

Romantic recipe to seduce him with:
Home-made hamburger

When it's home-made, it's even better, epsecially when it's made with love...

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