Romantic recipes to seduce him with
Duck and pumpkin shepherd's pie recipe
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Duck and pumpkin shepherd's pie recipe

The mummy's boy: how to spot him

His mum is the best cook in the world. When he eats out at a restaurant, he quite likes the main course but it's not as good as the one his mum makes (she puts more salt/garlic/pepper in hers) and he doesn't think much of the restuarant's attempt at a pudding either.

What to feed the mummy's boy

If traditional dishes are his ma's forte, make him something new without completely changing his eating habits. For example, if shepherd's pie is one of his favorite dishes, impress him with a slightly different take on it. That way, he'll enjoy his usual "meat + mash", but with a little something extra that makes all the difference.

Imagine his mum's face when he tells her "your shepherd's pie is delicious mum. You know, Emma tried one with duck, it wasn't bad at all"!

Romantic recipe to seduce him with:
Duck and pumpkin shepherd's pie

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