Romantic recipes to seduce him with
Monkfish with tomatoes, pine nuts and almonds recipe
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Monkfish with tomatoes, pine nuts and almonds recipe

The intellectual type: how to spot him

Whether he has his head in his books, is lost in his own thoughts or is gazing deep into your eyes, he's a real thinker; and you're in awe of this intelligent creature.

He's a man who loves to pore over details, he always has something to say and never thinks twice about sharing his viewpoint on all sorts of subjects. You love discussing things with him for hours on end and wouldn't change him for the world!

What to feed the intellectual type

At the table, he's quite demanding so make him a dish that will provide him with food for thought!

Romantic recipe to seduce him with:
Monkfish with tomatoes, pine nuts and almonds

The conversation will last for hours as you debate the merits of combining fish with pine nuts and almonds.

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