Prezzo review: Light options at Prezzo

Prezzo review: Light options at Prezzo

Dining out on a diet? That's got to be a bad idea right? The starters, main course, side dishes and desert menu temptation are nothing short of a slimmer's nightmare. And that's without even thinking about the wine!
Prezzo Flatbread Pizza

So if you are looking to lose weight, but don't want to give up your social life to get to your goals, then you'll be pleased to know that Prezzo have answered your prayers with their Light Options menu. 

The lighter menu, which sits alongside the more calorific options, includes uniquely designed low calorie pizzas and pastas both served with a dressed salad, with the average dish containing only 650 calories.

As well as a lighter food menu, Prezzo has had the good manners to offer low calorie tipples with its light wines selection  where a glass of red or white is only 166 calories per glass.

Simply drag your mates/other half/work team to Prezzo and fill up on their low calorie dishes.

We went along to try out said menu - and see if a light choice option would leave us hungry and craving a chunk of cheesecake...

Pretty in Prezzo

Light Options

I arrived at the Marble Arch branch of Prezzo, which was full of couples, families and friends all happily tucking into their Sunday pasta and pizza dishes. 

I was pleased to see that the Light Options menu took up a good quarter of the whole menu offering, meaning that there was plenty of choice for the calorie challenged.

The menu was divided into pasta and pizza, being the main two p's of Prezzo's Italian cuisine (surprisingly) and there were five vegetarian options in total - making it an instant hit with my vegetarian friends. 

The pizzas were cleverly renamed "Flatbread pizzas, made with half the dough of normal pizzas" and finished with low calorie toppings, whilst the pasta dishes were called "half pastas" - each cooked in a low calorie sauce.

Light half pasta by Prezzo

This was music to my ears so I had no guilt in ordering a tasty Spaghetti Arrabbiata whilst my friends ordered various flatbreads, topped with Mushroom and Spinach or Chicken and Rosemary.

Our meals arrived quickly and despite the half-portions, somehow Prezzo had managed to make our dishes look like proper meals.

Full of flavor and freshly made, my Spaghetti Arrabbiata and our various flatbread pizzas were nothing short of delicious. I even found my 650 calorie portion too much to handle and couldn't quite clean my plate. Something I definitely didn't expect.

Presented on wooden boards and each served with a cute portion of fresh salad and an optional dressing, presentation scored high, whilst on the flavor front they scored even higher.

Bland low calorie meals are the bane of any weight watcher's life, and thankfully Prezzo have realized that dull and dieting don't have to go together. If you're looking for a decent meal on a diet (or a budget!) with excellent service and fresh ingredients then Prezzo is a clear winner. 

Prezzo Light Options start from £7.50


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