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Original drinks ideas and recipes for picnics

Original drinks ideas and recipes for picnics

We have to at least hope for good weather for our picnics, which means everyone will be thirsty! Bring half a liter of water per person, and to up the fluid intake why not include refreshing milkshakes, smoothies and chilled soups in your picnic basket? They make tasty and different starters and desserts. And don't forget a flask of coffee to finish with, when you're spread out on the grass pre-siesta.  


Pour chilled soups into recycled plastic or glass bottles so they're easy to carry and easy to serve!

> Picnicking with kids? Bring mini bottles of mineral water filled with their favorite fruit juice or milkshake, and straws so they can share!   

> Tomato gazpacho 
> Summer pea, broccoli and mint soup 
> Iced avocado and salmon soup
> Venus cocktail
> Fruit smoothie 
> Peach and mint soup
> Mango and rasperry soup



Sarah Horrocks
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