Sandwich recipes and ideas

Sandwich recipes and ideas

Sandwiches are picnic staples, and you can conjure up endless fillings with cheese, ham, salad, mayo, sour cream and all the rest. Plus everyone can make their own just as they like them.


> Wrap your sandwiches individually in kitchen roll so that they stay soft, and then pop them in freezer bags and label them if needs be.  

> Club sandwiches made from toasted bread and cut diagonally make filling mains for picnics and another advantage is that they stay crunchy! Soggy sandwiches just don't taste that good...

Swap your mayo for spreadable cheese (it's less fatty) and mashed avocado (it's just as creamy). 

> Vary your bread: use fresh, homemade, specialty breads, handy tortillas, wraps and bagels, or why not bring along chappatis and dips for an Indian theme?   

> Cream cheese and apple sandwich 
> Chicken salad sandwich
> Bagels
> Beef tortillas
> Wholegrain chappatis


Sarah Horrocks
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