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Salad recipes for picnics

Salad recipes for picnics

Get creative! Do away with tired old lettuce, tomato and cucumber and mix up grains and cereals into your salads (wheat, rice, quinoa, couscous and bulgur wheat), add fruit and veg (sliced radishes, diced peaches or apples, cubes of celery, etc), a helping of protein (pieces of chicken or turkey ham), fresh herbs (parsley, mint and basil) and flavored dressings.


> Store your colorful salads in Tupperware containers (or keep your couscous and quinoa-style salads in big recycled jars).

> If you're making potato or pasta salads, add the dressing while they're still hot so that all the flavor is absorbed.

> With the exception of pasta and potato salads, always keep your salads and dressing separate (in airtight cling-filmed containers and bottles). If you add the dressing hours beforehand, it can alter the taste and appearance of the salad. Add it when serving and everyone can have as much or as little dressing as they like.

Ham and fig salad
Chicken and citrus salad
Quinoa tabbouleh salad


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