Savoury cakes and muffins

Savoury cakes and muffins

The best way of picnicking without getting in a mess is to make dryish food that won't ruin your maxi dress! If you've never tried savory cakes and muffins, have a go at some of these. You can put absolutely anything in them, they slip easily into your picnic basket and they won't make a mess!   


> For tasty, light savory cakes and muffins, add a little milk or yogurt to your cake mixture and a teaspoonful of mustard to add flavor.

> Cook them individually to make them easier to carry: use individual cake, muffin or Yorkshire pudding tins and paper cases.

> If you'd rather make one big cake, slice it before you wrap it up...just in case someone forgets the knife!   

> Basic savory cake 
> Roquefort savory cake 
> Greek savory cake 
> Courgette and goat's cheese savory cake


Sarah Horrocks
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