Recipes for quiche, tarts and savoury dishes

Recipes for quiche, tarts and savoury dishes

A roll of pastry (you can buy ready-made!) and a savory egg, cheese, meat or fish filling is all it takes to whip up a delicious quiche. Served with salad, quiches and tarts make filling mains which can be eaten hot ot cold with your fingers and can even be made the night before. All you need are paper napkins to enjoy them.  

> So you don't have to bring your quiche dish in your picnic basket, make mini quiches. They look prettier and you can store them in Tupperware containers.

> Fancy pizza? Buy or make thin crust and roll it into a wrap you can eat with your fingers.

> Go for vegetable quiches - they're easier to eat cold or at ambient temperature than quiches that are heavy on the cheese and ham.

> Tomato and tapenade tart
> Broccoli and bacon quiche
> Tomato and mozzarella quiche
> Courgette tart


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