Golden rules food and wine guide

Golden rules food and wine guide
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Rule #3: Red wine and cheese don't mix!
Despite the myths floating around, red wine and cheese don't go well together. The tannins in red wine enhance the bitter flavor of cheese. So bring out a white wine with your cheese, and if possible choose wine from the same region as your cheese (easily done with French wines and cheeses, for example white Sancerre with goat's cheese, and Normandy camembert with cider. 

Rule #4: If you're cooking sweet and sour, don't serve overly-sweet wine. A fresh, aromatic wine brings out the flavor of Chinese food and Eastern curries without altering the taste of the food. 

Rule #5: Match your colors
Play with matching colors - it's very hard to go wrong! Red wine for red meat, white wine for fish, light red for salmon, white wine with cheese, red wine with chocolate. Match your wine with the dominant ingredient in your dish, depending on how you're cooking it and what other ingredients you're using. 


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