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Choice of wine, menu

Choice of wine, menu
© Arc for Marmiton

Rule #1: Your choice of wine depends on what you're cooking!

If you're serving up a light meal, a light wine will suffice. A young, supple table wine or country wine that's easy to drink can be served throughout a meal. The color has nothing to do with how light a wine is.

Heer are a few examples:
> Red: Light Bordeaux, Gamay, Côtes-du-Roussillon, Coteaux-du-Languedoc, Côtes-du-Rhône
> White: White Alsacian Pinot
> Rosé: Côtes-de-Provence.

If you're serving a gourmet feast with lots of culinary wizardry, strong sauces, thick marinades or meat, you need an elegant, well-built, powerful wine to bring out all the subtle flavor of your cooking.
Red wines that go well with elegant meals include: Nuits-St-Georges, Pommard, Pomerol, Saint-Emilion, Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Serve sweet wine with spicy dishes: the sugar strengthens the spices. As strange as it may sound, a curry goes better with a Gewurztraminer than with a tannic red!

Rule #2:
Get the order right
A wine shouldn't spoil the next wine on your menu, so serve them in the right order.
Dry wine should come before sweet; white and rosé should be drunk preferably before red; young wine should be drunk before old; and light wine should be drunk before full-bodied wine. The idea is not to overwhelm your tastebuds. Let them get used to the wine little by little.


Sarah Horrocks
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