The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods
R for radish, raspberries and rocket
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R for radish, raspberries and rocket


Egyptian pharoahs were all about radish when they wanted to up the anti in the royal chamber. It's thought that their spicy taste could stimulates the palate but as for anything else... we're not so sure.


Succulent red fruits that are perfect for feeding to your lover and are especially good when dipped into melted chocolate - an aphrodisiac two-for-one!

They're red (the color of l'amour) and they're high in vitamin C, which may not turn you on but will sure keep your healthy.


Even back in the first century A.D. they were using rocket (or arugula) leaves to boost flagging sex drives. But were as they used it with grated orchid bulbs and parsnips, we recommend toasted pine nuts and pistachios for a more palatable sexy salad!

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