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C for chocolate and coffee
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C for chocolate and coffee


Nothing says "I love you" like a box of chocolates (apart from maybe a diamond ring).

It contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine, and a substance called theobromine which is thought to act on the neurotransmitters of the brain to give you a natural high with a sense of well-being and excitement.

Use dark chocolate with a high cocoa content as this is what makes the magic happen.


You stand on your doorstep at the end of the perfect date, and think of saying 'want to come in and tear my knickers off with your teeth?' but that's perhaps a little forward.

Instead you murmer: 'how about a coffee?'... the meaning behind the message is the same. Coffee's actually on the list for its stimulating qualities but it's earned its reputation as a sexy beverage by the power of suggestion alone.

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