The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods
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Aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, American writer Fanny Fern, assured her audience back in the mid 1800s. Even now anyone can be seduced by aphrodisiac foods.

The Romans swore by aniseed to get you going, Egyptian pharaohs got turned on by radish, and the ancient Greeks were said to use sex rituals to celebrate their seasonal crops of figs.

Even the NHS says aphrodisiac foods can help bring couples closer both physically and emotionally.

It’s not all chocolates, cream and champagne - some of the top aphrodisiac foods could be found in a delicious salad... not excited by salad? Fair enough.

Heer’s our A-Z (well, W actually) of aphrodisiac foods... how you eat them is up to you!

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