Interview: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's favourite dishes


If you were a British delicacy, what would you be? 
Something soft and creamy - boiled egg and fingers!

A British dessert?
Bread and butter pudding: substantial, delicious, weighted…and the kind of dessert you want to take to bed! 

A French delicacy?
Not andouillette! My ex-girlfriend used to love andouillette and f****** hell she stank! (Andouillette is a sausage made of intestines stuffed with tripe, pork or veal). Of all time? Well, we have cheese on toast, which I grew up with. In France they have croque monsieur. I f****** love them. And then from time to time I have a croque madame, with an egg on top. I love it!

A French dessert?
It would have to be something from the Tatin sisters, the most amazing tarte tatin. One of the few desserts that can be eaten hot or cold and still tastes just as delicious.

A spice?
The hottest, most vibrant chili you could get your hands on, ever.

A drink?
Something cool, that doesn’t have to match a big dish you’re eating. I’d go for a beautiful Dom Pérignon rosé. Extraordinary, sophisticated, f****** expensive…but great memories!

Gordon's latest project, a restaurant and deli-bakery at the York and Albany Hotel in London, has just opened. 


Sarah Horrocks
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