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Interview: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay on family life



SH: Do you cook with your own kids?
GR: Saturday and Sunday, yeah. We’re in danger what with the business and what we do of having food snobs, so they all get involved with preparation and enjoy eating out, but they don’t become up their own a*** that they’re daddy’s blue-eyed girls and they can order anything and everything. It's all done in a very controlled measure: good food but not over-fine food, dessert is a treat, fruit is imperative and vegetables are crucial. My wife’s a schoolteacher. If people think I’m disciplined, f*** me - they should listen to her! She’s harder than I am! 

SH: What do you think of Jamie Oliver’s campaign to improve school dinners?

GR: Great. I mean, he helped to make the nation feel guilty about the crap children have been served, unnoticed by any other parent. A phenomenal campaign that was 20 years too late, so it’s become a bit of a monkey for his own back in that he’s constantly being criticized. But he opened a can of worms and he needs more support to keep stamping out and eradicating any kind of comeback from that kind of c***.  


SH: What do you do to relax?
GR: I run. I don’t think chefs should be fat f****s. I’m on my tenth marathon next year. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I put a rucksack on, fill it up with a sack of potatoes and I run from Claridges to the Embankment to Tower Bridge to Wandsworth. It’s relaxing, quality time: no interference, no food critics, no vegetarians, no vegans, no gluten-free fruit cakes, no Blackberries… I just run. And I build up an appetite. When you’re in a kitchen all day long you don’t sit down and eat a proper dinner, you graze: you pick, pick, pick. You need to offload that. I don’t think chefs should be fat. I don’t think it’s a good advert for the dessert menu. 


Sarah Horrocks
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Article Plan Interview: Gordon Ramsay
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