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Delia Smith says:
Delia’s method uses a variety of temperatures and she assures us that stuffing the body cavity of our Christmas turkeys is totally safe so long as both bird and stuffing are completely defrosted and at room temperature before cooking.

For Delia Smith’s roast turkey recipe click here.

Jamie Oliver says:

Jamie suggests putting stuffing underneath the skin of your turkey breast to ensure it cooks at the same time as the legs – this should make your bird deliciously succulent all the way through.

For Jamie Oliver’s roast turkey recipe click here

Gordon Ramsay says:
Gordon tells us to peel back the skin on the turkey breast and rub in herb butter before popping the skin back in place.
For Gordon Ramsay’s roast turkey recipe on the BBC food website click here

Nigella Lawson says:
Nigella favors a simple roasting method using plain Kraft paper bags ( – cover the bag in butter on the side and the outside and slip the turkey inside.
For Nigella Lawson’s roast turkey recipe click here

Hugh Fernley Whittingstall says:
Hugh’s advises covering your turkey with buttered foil to protect the skin from burning but only if you have to.

For Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s roast turkey recipe on the BBC food website click here

Phil Vickery says:

Phil opts for alcohol – his turkey recipe adds white wine and bay leaves to the roasting tin.

For Phil Vickey’s roast turkey recipe click here


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