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How long can I use turkey leftovers for?


© thebittenworld.com/Flickr (cc)
© thebittenworld.com/Flickr (cc)
You’ve got three days to use up your Christmas turkey leftovers!

Once you’re done serving up for the Christmas meal, transfer the leftover meat to a cold plate and put in a cool place (an unheated room or a garage for instance) – this helps to cool the meat down quickly.  Once it’s completely cold, wrap it up in plastic food wrap or foil and keep in the fridge.

You can boil the carcass and bones to make a wonderful stock for turkey soup.

Can you reheat a whole turkey?

Nope – reheating a turkey carcass would be a really bad idea. You can reheat slices of turkey either covered with gravy in a hot oven (cover the dish with foil to stop it drying out); in a microwave or chopped into chucks and served in a curry, stew or soup.

You MUST make sure the Turkey is piping hot all the way through before serving or it won't be just your hangover that has you talking to God on the big white telephone!


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