How to cook perfect roast turkey
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I’ve got a frozen turkey – when should I start defrosting it?


© Noonch/Flickr (cc)
© Noonch/Flickr (cc)
There are two safe ways to defrost your Christmas turkey – either in your fridge or in a cool room or at room temp. Leave your turkey in its packaging while it thaws.

Fridge: 8-12hrs per kg
Cold room (around 17.5 ºC): 3-4hrs per kg
Room temperature (around 20ºC): 2hrs per kg

When the bird is completely defrosted it will keep for up to 2 days in the fridge. Remove the packaging and giblets (store these separately if you need them). Put the covered Turkey into a large dish to prevent juices escaping.

Make sure your turkey is COMPLETELY defrosted before you start cooking it. If it’s even slightly frozen nasties such as salmonella and campylobacter bugs can survive the cooking process and give diners a nasty case of the Christmas squits.


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