Graze box review: Healthy snacking at work

Graze box review: Healthy snacking at work

If you're a snack addict but don't want love handles, then you'll love Graze boxes. The sofeminine office has been disproportionately excited about the weekly arrival of dried fruit and olives all pre-prepared by the lovely Graze folk, but their snack boxes really are a great way to keep hunger at bay, while keeping healthy too.

What is a graze box?

 - Graze box review: Healthy snacking at work
Graze box review: Tasty, easy and cheap!
Graze boxes are a snack box filled with health; the ingenuious idea of a group of seven friends who couldn't find the food they wanted at work, so they teamed up to make Graze boxes, sourcing tasty, but wholesome snacks that will be kind on your waistline.

It's not all seeds and seaweed though, the Graze box can be filled with a variety of healthy flapjacks, dried fruit and yogourt coated sweet treats.

The Graze box itself has four compartments each filled with a different type of snack and rather than being mass produced on a factory line, the boxes are hand filled in the Graze kitchens. Even the boxes are in good taste - 100% recyclable and made from 100% cardboard from a PEFC sustainable forest.

Snacks are chosen at random by the Graze team after you've filled out a form online telling them which flavors and foods you're fans of and which types of food you really don't like.

It's all nutritious and delicious. Ben Jones, Co-Founder of says: “Natural food is really important to us because of the nutrients, we always want to use the tastiest natural foods we can find and we think the amount of natural ingredients in our range is something to be proud of.”

We love the cute names for nuts and seed mixes like eden mix, pina colada and beach bum!

And if you're sent a snack that isn't quite to your taste you're able to remove it from your preferences at the click of a button. It's all so simple.

As women on the go with too many things to do and not enough time, we've found the Graze snack boxes mean there's one less thing to worry about. They're especially handy if you're trying to lose weight or get some extra nutrients into your diet without spending a small fortune at health food stores.

Health addicts can choose between 'Nutrition boxes' which have just the healthiest snacks which are rich in micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and complex omegas to give you the maximum nutritional benefit.

And the 'Eat well box' is stricter than a normal box, containing handpicked with healthy recipes and the odd treat now and again (like dark chocolate).

“For us it’s about eating good portions of tasty nutritious food and making sure you treat yourself now and again”says Eleanor, Product Developer at Graze.

The average Graze box includes three of your five a day whereas the average sarnie only has one portion of the recommended five a day.

Is it too good to be true? No! It's nice to be able to gush about Graze, it really is just as fabulous as we say. What's more when you you subscribe to receive Graze (you can chose to receive a box as many days a week as you like) you automatically get some vouchers to give your friends the chance to have a free box too.

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The portion sizes aren't huge but they're controlled for a reason - to prevent waste - and no one can complain about that.

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Graze boxes cost £3.49, available from


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