Grapes: seasonal and bursting with goodness
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Green and white grapes

Green and white grapes

Chasselas : A high-quality wine grape, small, with a light color and a fine skin. The fruit is tender, very juicy, sweet and delicate. This grape shouldn’t be used for cooking but is perfect for serving with cheese or on its own.

White Muscat :
A large or very large yellow-green grape with a fairly thin skin, fleshy inside, and a Muscat flavor. Ideal eaten on its own.   

Large White : A white-green grape that can turn gold in the sun, with a juicy inside and a simple flavor. It’s not very sweet, and is ideal for wine.   

Italia : A large yellow-green oval-shaped grape with a thick skin. It’s crisp with a Muscat flavor and the seeds are easy to remove, so it’s great for cooking. It goes really well with fish, meat and roast meats.  

Thompson or Niagara : A green seedless grape from North America.  


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