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Lemon & ginger parfait
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Lemon & ginger parfait

Lemon & ginger parfait

A light frozen yogurt terrine, so easy to make, perfect for entertaining, bursting with lemon & ginger flavors

400ml double cream
200g Rachel’s Greek Style Ginger yogurt
40g meringue nests, crushed
100g lemon curd
Grated zest, to serve

How to make:
1. Line a large loaf tin with cling film
2. Whip the cream until soft and thick peaks, add the yogurt and whisk again.
Add the crushed meringue pieces and stir again
3. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin, enough to cover the bottom and drizzle with lemon curd and more cream and yogurt mixture and repeat the layers. Cover with cling film.
4. Freeze till solid, depending on the temperature of the freezer this will take from 4 hours to over-night.
5. To serve leave out of the freezer for 10 minutes, un-mold and cut into thick slices, decorate with grated zest of orange or lemon.

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