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Nutrition in frozen vegetables


© Interprofession des légumes en conserve et surgelés
© Interprofession des légumes en conserve et surgelés
>Frozen veg contains coloring.
FALSE: Blanching makes frozen vegetables retain their natural, intense color. Bright green frozen peas and luminous orange carrots are at their optimum color thanks to their natural pigments, not coloring.

>When you buy frozen and tinned vegetables you never really know what’s in them.
FALSE: It’s all in the label.  
- Name of the product
- How it has been prepared.
- Net quantity frozen, packaging volume, total weight and weight in grams when drained.
- Name and address of manufacturer.
- Country of origin if the product does not come from the EU.
- Ingredients, listed in order with the largest first.
- Cooking or preparation instructions.
- Nutritional information.

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