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10 egg cooking tips: advice for cooking eggs


1) Don't wash eggs: the eggshell is covered with a film that protects it from bacteria. If you wash eggs before storing them, you'll destroy the film, allowing bacteria to enter.

2) Old eggs? They are perfect for making macaroons, cakes and the like. To check an egg's freshness: put it in a bowl of water. If it goes back up to the surface, it's no longer edible. A slight lift? Get your bake on baby!

3) Eggs can be frozen: use an ice tray for the yolks (add a pinch of sugar or salt beforehand and whisk). For the whites, pour into freezer bags and make a note of the number of eggs you've poured into each bag.

4) Storing eggs: They don't have to be refridgerated - in fact they're better at room temp - but if you want to keep them cold then place them in the fridge door, otherwise somewhere cool, dry and away from sunlight is perfect.

5) Temperature change: if you're storing eggs in the fridge, take them out at least 1 hour before using them. They should be cooked at room temperature.

6) The 369 rule: a great egg cooking tip! Soft-boiled egg = 3 minutes, medium-boiled egg = 6 minutes, hard-boiled egg = 9 minutes. Start counting once the water begins to boil again after you've put the egg(s) in.

7) "Raw" egg? For soft and medium-boiled eggs and raw preparations like chocolate mousse or tiramisu, make sure you use extra fresh eggs, laid no more than 9 days ago.

8) The perfect fried egg: to coagulate (set) the white without cooking the yolk, add salt to the pan, break the egg, and add salt to the white only. The yolk will remain runny but hot.

9) A well-cooked omelet that's not dry: whisk eggs with a fork, not a mixer. Heat a pan over a high heat, then lower the heat as soon as you add the eggs.

10) Egg whites perfectly whisked to a soft peak: use egg whites at room temperature but use a very cold bowl and whisks (placed in the fridge 1 hour beforehand). Ideally, place the bowl in a bain-marie with ice cubes! And don't forget the pinch of salt or a few drops of lemon juice. Remember: consistency is more important than speed!


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