Egg recipes: get cracking with eggs this Easter
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Nutritional benefits of eggs: vitamins and minerals in eggs


Eggs are a real concentrate of vitamins and nutrients!

1 medium-sized egg contains:

- 20% of the daily recommendations for Vitamin A, beneficial for eyesight.
- 10% of the daily recommendations for Vitamin D, necessary for skeleton construction.
- 10% of the daily recommendations for Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant  that limits the effects of aging and gives you beautiful skin.
- 10% of the daily recommendations for Vitamin K, necessary for blood clotting.
- And lots of B vitamins, which are involved in chemical reactions within the body.

Minerals aren't to be outdone either... The same egg contains 17% of our daily recommended phosphorous requirement and 15% of our daily iron requirement, which is essential for transporting oxygen to tissues.

Energy values for 1 medium-sized 60g egg:
90 kcal (75 in the yolk and 15 in the white) of which there are 7g of protein (in the white).

Eggs have so many plus points: they're cheap, practical, rich in vitamins and minerals... and can be used in a wide variety of recipes!


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