Cooking up treats with the humble potato
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Soft & new

Soft & new

Nicola: Oblong to long, with shallow eyes, yellow skin and flesh, this potato is best eaten in cooked dishes.  

Mona Lisa: Oblong, with very shallow eyes, yellow skin and flesh and a nutty taste. Excellent in oven-cooked dishes, and can also be used to make chips and mash.  

New potatoes
Potatoes are generally preserved after harvest to thicken the skin, but new potatoes are eaten fresh when the skin is very thin and delicate - and they're full of flavor. They're often harvested at home using the "grabbling" technique, i.e. pulling out the young tubers from the plant by hand. 

Jersey Royal: Available from April to June, these potatoes are best eaten slightly mature and are delicious steamed, boiled or in salads.


Sarah Horrocks
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