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Butter-free chocolate


The chocolate cakes we all love so much tend to be rich in butter, which creates that "melt in the mouth" sensation.

But butter can easily be replaced with cream, almond powder, yogurt, ricotta... all of which offer a variety of textures and tastes!

Cakes that contain bitter cocoa powder fare better with vegetable oil (e.g. sunflower or peanut) rather than butter, keeping them moist for a long time.

Beginner: reduce the quantity of butter used in chocolate cake by 1/3 and savor the result. Cover your cake tin with greaseproof paper to prevent the not-so-greasy cake from sticking and keep a close eye on it when it's cooking.

Experimental: replace butter with 1/3 of its weight in white almond puree (available from health shops) and add 1 extra egg.

for a chocolate cake that's as light as a feather, discover our butter-free cake recipe on the following page.

> Butter-free chocolate cake recipe


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