Chocolate dessert recipes: chocolate as you've never seen it before!
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Chocolate and fruits


Fruit dessert or chocolate dessert? Why choose when you can have both!

Pear and chocolate is a combination that works well with a chocolate fondant, as do apples and oranges

All winter fruits (with the exception of kiwi) work well in warm chocolate desserts.

And don't forget about dried fruit (raisins, apricots, dates) which can be combined with chocolate chips to make a slightly more nutritious batch of cookies.

Note that yellow-skinned summer fruits (melons, apricots, peaches) don't go particularly well with chocolate.

Beginner: all citrus fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc) in a chocolate and orange zest mousse for example, as well as red fruits (especially raspberries).

Experimental: combinations of exotic fruits.

Pro: dip strawberries into a chocolate fondue and leave them to dry for 1 hour before serving.

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