Canape recipe ideas: Canapes dishes

Canape recipe ideas: Canapes dishes


Canapes © iStockphoto
Canapes © iStockphoto


How to make the perfect party canapes

When it comes to making the perfect canapes it helps to be organized. We've spoken to canape queen, Hattie Mauleverer-Jones, Founder of Top Hat Catering to find out her top tips on preparing, presenting and perfecting your party canapes...

Hattie's canape rules:

Preparation is everything:

Vegetables © Valueline
Vegetables © Valueline
Being organized is the secret to hosting a successful canapé party.  

Write a comprehensive shopping list before you go to the supermarket. Arrange it into sections so shopping is easier; fruit and veg, fish, meat and dairy. A simple idea but it really makes a big difference.
Once all the ingredients are in, create space in the fridge to store the canapés and then spend the morning preparing the food. 

Select the platters that will compliment the food and never underestimate the importance of presentation.
Assemble the canapés and display them half an hour before the guests are due to arrive. This gives you time to mingle with your guests and be the most relaxed hostess ready to enjoy your own party.
Keep drinks cool by storing them in a bucket of water and ice – it only takes 45 minutes to cool it down to the perfect serving temperature.


Canapes © Creatas
Canapes © Creatas
Presentation is crucial with canapés. You eat with eyes as much as with your mouth.  Gone are the days of aluminum trays and white dollies!
Have a selection of square and rectangular white platters and slate tablemats - food will look clean and fresh on them. 

One type of canapé per tray has a greater impact than having three or four different canape creations. It also keeps your guests guessing what other tricks you have up your sleeve.

Decorate your canapé trays with flowers or fresh herbs. Try decorating with a couple of red chilies with a sprig of rosemary.

Catering secrets:

Allow three quarters of a bottle of wine/champagne and two beers per person but remember that at parties some guests always drink much more!

Cocktail sausages are always a winner – coated in honey and mustard – your guests will go mad for them.


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