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Souvlaki for the Soul
Peter Georgakopoulos, Sydney 

Peter G is an Australian of Greek descent – hence the name “Souvlaki for the Soul” – who blogs regularly about his foray back into the food game, as he says. Growing up with a chef for a father, food has always been a central part of his life. Now, with words and a macro lens, he is sharing his fascination and experiments with us. On Souvlaki for the Soul, even parsnips look good.


Grab Your Fork
Helen Yee, Sydney

Grab Your Fork is written by Sydney native Helen Yee. Unlike the majority of food blogs out there (and most of those featured on this list), Helen’s is all about eating but rarely, if ever, about cooking. Yee chronicles her envy-inspiring meals out and about, each entry complete with prices, maps, descriptions and photos that make each dish look like it could be plucked off the screen. If only!

Image:© Peter Georgakopolous,

Samantha Fields
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