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Food blogs are, like all blogs, really, a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet there are tens of thousands of them out there, and more springing up every day.

From London to New York and Seattle to Sydney, people are chronicling their adventures in the kitchen, and at restaurants, cooking Asian and Greek, vegan and gluten-free.

With so many out there, though, where to begin? How about here, with a few of our favorites. It was a tough job, making this list, and there are undoubtedly many wonderful blogs we left off. But this we can assure you: each of the blogs listed below are lovingly maintained, most are beautifully illustrated and all will make you salivate.

So whether you’re a veritable foodie, a budding chef, in search of a more personalized restaurant guide, or you’ve simply fallen into a cooking rut (pasta, stir fry, soup, repeat), check out some of these blogs for inspiration.

One last thing before you dive in – you know that rule, never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Same applies to looking at these. You’ve been warned.

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