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Bananas are a well-known energy food and a great pick-me-up, as any tennis player will tell you, but they're also a versatile and healthy fruit that can be eaten raw, cooked in desserts as a fruit, used in savory dishes as a vegetable and shaken into exotic cocktails. 

Bananas get a bad rep because they're calorific, but they contain vital vitamins and minerals and they're actually very good for you. Creamy and full of flavor, bananas are easy to incorporate into a healthy diet. Aside from making great snacks, fruit salads, topping for your cereal in the morning and the odd banana split, bananas are a great and healthy addition to any kind of dish, sweet or savory.

Check out our banana-themed recipes and try incorporating bananas into your main meals and cocktails as well as your puds, for original and exotic delights.

See our short history, nutritional information and find out about the different types available.



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