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Which treatment?
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Which treatment?

I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and my eccrinology and blood tests are within normal range. My height is 5"3 my BMI is 31. I have been trying to get pregnant for six years and have had one miscarriage 5 years ago at 7 weeks pregnant.

I have taken six months of clomid and injections but with no success. Please could you advise me on the most successful treatment? My fallopian tubes are clear and my AMH and hormones are normal. I would be so grateful for your advice.

Dr Dawn:
I am sorry to hear that you having difficulties. Experts are still debating the issue of weight gain in PCOS but many agree that women who suffer with PCOS gain weight more easily and can find it hard to lose.

Unfortunately, a Body Mass Index of 31 won't be helping and if you can get down to a BMI below 25, that will help your chances of conceiving and although some PCTs will fund a cycle of IVF, many will insist on a normal BMI.

Most GPs start to investigate after a couple have been trying to conceive for a year but if you are older they may look into things after six months.
If you do end up needing specialist referral, your gynecologist will make the decision on exactly which form of assisted conception is most appropriate for you based on the results of tests on you and your partner.

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