Should I have a baby? Quiz: Am I ready to have a baby?

Profile: You've got plans to be a mom one day


 - Profile: You've got plans to be a mom one day
Your state of mind
Part of you feels ready to be a mom: you're of an age where you don't have to worry...

You're deeply in love (but maybe your relationship is still quite new) and things are alright at work.

In short, everything seems to be going rather well.

But mentally, you don't really feel the urge to be a mom yet. Sometimes you feel like you'd like to start a family but sometimes your life suits you just as it is.

What's holding you back?
Maybe you think that you haven't fully made the most of your current situation.

"Indeed, your relationship needs to have been sufficiently "nourished" to be able to envision the arrival of a child," says Catherine Audibert.

"Some women intuitively feel that they need a longer, intenser and fuller "honeymoon" than others, before becoming parents."

Why is that so?
"Love for a man consists of the desire to possess him yourself, through the child that you carry.

"This desire to have a child starts with a desire to be pregnant, which also tests a woman's relationship with her body, not only through the external physical changes but through the inner disruption it causes."

Perhaps you're not (yet) ready for that.

Questions to ask yourself:
- have I made the most of my relationship and my man before sharing them with a child?
- is my desire to have a child influenced by the desire to be like my friends who are already moms?

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Profiles: You've got plans to be a mom one day
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