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The right price

A recent survey by Red Magazine revealed that on average, women willing to sell their eggs would ask for £1,270 but of those women who would be happy to pay for donor eggs, the maximum price they’d pay would be £2,722.

They also found that most women would be happy to spend £15,000 on trying to conceive with 10% willing to pay out £50,000 if it guaranteed a baby.

Of course, ethically speaking, we can’t ever put a price on life, but women are investing in private health care and paying out for endless cycles of IVF treatment, all with the hopes of starting a family. 

With an IVF success rate of only 25-40% per treatment cycle, infertility can leave many feeling ‘powerless’ as well as penniless.

Money can be a major stress factor when trying to conceive as fertility expert Dr Gill Lockwood says, ‘worries such as having to pay for private treatment, or only having one free cycle of IVF on the NHS’ can cause ‘very high’ stress levels.

Despite these financial and emotional strains, most would agree fertility treatment, when successful was worth it. ‘People who have struggled to become parents make a very good job of it’ says Dr Gill Lockwood.

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